Eden Ivy

Eden Ivy is a badass burlesque beauty who can be found on stages both local to Pittsburgh and nationally. Currently, along with performing she also produces the variety experience in her home city called Naked & Crazy Burlesque. Check out the Facebook for more! But Eden is not just a strip tease artist…You can also find this sinful slice of heaven gracing the pages of multiple international publications during her career as a pinup model. She was Miss Steeltown Shakedown 2018 as well as The PA Burlypicks 2019 Master of Singing, however, as of 2020 Eden has focused on stepping away from competing and instead has taken the seat as judge for multiple events throughout the Midwest.

Danielle Attme

Danielle Attme is a DIY drag performer mostly known for her handmade looks and punk content. Danielle is a product of the rust belt’s socio-political climate–if you’ve ever wondered what a soul, resistant to heteronormativity and complicities looks like in clown makeup–look no further.

Danielle started drag while on a Rocky Horror Picture Show shadow cast in 2014. She is now the founder and director of Kent, Ohio’s The School of Rocky (The Kent Stage’s resident Rocky Horror Shadow cast). Danielle’s performance experience includes a wide variety of venues– brunches, variety shows, hosting and Mc’ing–but what Danielle is most proud of is her Murder Mystery series she started when she moved to Pittsburgh. Danielle’s attitude towards drag involves embracing whoever participates in the expansive definition of the artform–there shall not be a hierarchy because if we are made to compete, we are forced to see our kin as foe.

Danielle urges you to remember: trickle down economics doesn’t work, monetizing your hobbies and passions is dangerous, and queer people are inherently cooler.

Lilith Deville

Hailing from the Carolinas, Lilith DeVille brings her southern gothic charm to every stage they grace. Lilith is the true essence of a vaudeville entertainer, and her talents span from the treacherous to the taboo. She is the founding member of Kabarett Vulgare (NC, PA), and was the official narrator for Morose and Macabre’s Atrocity Exhibition (Pittshburgh, PA). If that’s not enough, she’s also the Mistress of ceremonies for Smokin’ Betties Burlesque!

When she’s not running her mouth, taking her clothes off, or hammering things into her face, she’s making sweet, sweet music. A classicaly trained mallet percussionist playing since the age of 10, she has carried her musical discipline over to her other crafts. In 2014, she picked up the accordion, and hasn’t put it down since. If that wasn’t enough, she is the self-proclaimed master of the Manongahela Kazoo.

She has toured with The Purgtory Roadshow, The Cut-Throat Freakshow, The Coney Island Rock and Roll Roadshow, and has been featured as a living exhibit in The Mütter Museum. She can also be seen in the documentary film “House of Oddities” by Brian Cottington, and the music video work of the band Anders Manga.

Her talents are as fluid as her gender; She’s a femme fatale one night, and a properly moustached Edwardian Gentleman the next! She always keeps you guessing!!

Luna La Crème

Luna La Crème is a nonbinary burlesque performer, drag king and all over cosmic cutie!

They are a proud member of Hot Metal Hardware, the Smokin Betties, the Cosmic Misfits, and the Junior Chamber of Commerce Players. This Nonbinary Eclair with the good hair is also a multi-award winning performer, notably the 2020 Master of Comedy and Lip Sync of the Pittsburgh Burlypicks and the 2018 Pittsburgh Pride Femme Fatale.

Please welcome the tiny moonlit pearl of Pittsburgh, Luna La Crème!

Amoxie Villain

Debuting in 2016, Amoxie Villain hit the stage shimmying and hasn’t looked back! Known as the Delicious Delinquent of Burlesque, this Pittsburgh native has traveled the country performing, competing, and passing out in alleyways! Dedicating himself to having as many experiences as possible, moral or immoral, elegant or sordid. Amoxie thrives on the stage! Incorporating surprise visuals, creative costuming and emotional emphasis, he weaves his tale through the age old art of burlesque. In addition to burlesque, Amoxie is also an accomplished performance artist. Amoxie combines various art forms to create visual narratives that have engaged, delighted and shocked audiences across the country. When the world came to a halt in 2020, Amoxie started studying circus arts at Iron City Circus Arts. Amoxie has been soaring to new heights as he continues to learn and grow in the circus world! This international award winning performer is ready to come tease, tantalize and throw down