May be an image of one or more people and text that says 'HAVE YOURSELF A VE RY BETTIE CH ISTMAS Il Smokin' Betties Bu Show Sunday, De 6:30 p.m. Doors 8 p.m. Show Tickets $15 21 up TICKETWEB.COM Club Cafe 56-58 South 12th St. Pittsburgh, PA 15203 Host: Lilith DeVille Guests: Amoxie Villain, Bearcat Betty, Josalynn Lark, Thea Biss Jmokin Betties BURLESQUE @SMOKINBETTIES f @SMOKINBETTIESBURLESQUE'


Doors: 6:30 pm // Show: 8 pm

Tickets $15:

Hosted by: Lilith Deville

With special guests:

Amoxie Villain
Bearcat Betty
Josalynn Lark
Thea Biss


Bearcat Betty is a Frederick, Maryland based variety performer, specializing in burlesque and sideshow entertainment. “Habitually voluptuous and rarely ferocious”, she brings humor and vigorous smiling to a stage or dressing room near you. Among her bladewalking and tassel twirling talents, she considers herself a chocolate milk connoisseur and has been in a lifelong battle with top shelves. She’s lavishly unique and unapologetically herself. Bearcat is a tacky treasure in a modern world and has a knack for fabricating wondrous creations from remains, breathing new life into rubbish.  In addition to being a performer, she is an artist, a maker, a shaker, not much of a baker, a host, a producer, and an ordained minister.


This glitter will has been known to cause shock and awe.

From her operatic highs to her sensual lows, this birdy will captivate and amaze, and I know for a fact that once she had your attention she has been known to shed a feather or two for a peak at what’s below. 

A bonified jack of trades, Miss Josalynn Lark 


Thea Biss has been wooing and wow-ing audiences with her burlesque stylings since August of 2016.  She has appeared onstage at Club Cafe, Carnegie Stage, the Arcade Comedy Theater, and other popular Pittsburgh nightspots.  In 2019, she won the Pennsylvania Regional Burlypicks “Master of Comedy” award.


Debuting in 2016, Amoxie Villain hit the stage shimmying and hasn’t looked back! Known as the Delicious Delinquent of Burlesque, this Pittsburgh native has traveled the country performing, competing, and passing out in alleyways!  Dedicating himself to having as many experiences as possible, moral or immoral, elegant or sordid, Amoxie thrives on the stage! Incorporating surprise visuals, creative costuming and emotional emphasis, he weaves his tale through the age old art of burlesque. This international award winning performer is ready to tease, tantalize and throw down!