Bearcat Betty is a Frederick, Maryland based variety performer, specializing in burlesque and sideshow entertainment. Habitually voluptuous and rarely ferocious, she brings humor and vigorous smiling to a stage or dressing room near you. Among her bladewalking and tassel twirling talents, she considers herself a chocolate milk connoisseur and has been in a lifelong battle with top shelves. She’s lavishly unique and unapologetically herself. Bearcat is a tacky treasure in a modern world and has a knack for fabricating wondrous creations from remains, breathing new life into rubbish. In addition to being a performer, she is an artist, a maker, a shaker, not much of a baker, a host, and an ordained minister.

Bearcat is the 2019 overall Pennsylvania Burlypicks winner


Sass L Fraise pic 1Sass L Fraise pic 3Sass L Fraise pic 2

Sass La Fraise finds artistic freedom in burlesque as it is a medium where all bodies are celebrated and femmes are given space to be badass and powerful, which is why she often incorporates weaponry into her acts. She is the Fierce! Queer Pin-Up Queen 2019 and is a pride feature in the Fierce! Queer Performing Arts Festival. Sass is an assistant manager of the Velvet Hearts! Pittsburgh. She is full of sugar, and spice, and everything knives!


venus doom

Venus Doom is your local mosh pit starting, glamorous witch demon drag queen. She has been twirling across all the stages for the past 2.5 years. You can catch her hosting open stage at Element every 3rd Friday. You can also catch her performing all over especially at Element, Mr. Smalls Theater, P Town Bar, and There Ultra Lounge.



Maddelynn Hatter appeared as a contestant on season three of The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula reality competition show, which premiered in August 2019. The self-proclaimed “Dragula Season 3 psychotic Sex Clown,” Maddelynn is also an artist, host, makeup artist, designer, and photographer in addition to being a drag performer.




Debuting in 2016, Amoxie Villain hit the stage shimmying and hasn’t looked back! Known as the Delicious Delinquent of Boylesque, Amoxie has traveled the country performing, competing, and passing out in alleyways! Dedicating himself to having as many experiences as possible, moral or immoral, elegant or sordid Amoxie thrives on the stage! Incorporating surprise visuals, creative costuming and emotional emphasis, he weaves his tale through the age old art of burlesque. This international award winning performer is ready to come tease, tantalize and throw down!