Well hello again to our lovely audience! As promised, here are some pictures and anecdotes from our last show, Sweet Tease & Lemonade. Thank you to everyone who was there, either in person or in spirit, and thanks for cheering us on through the night – still get the warm fuzzies just remembering it!

Our next show is scheduled for Friday, August 28th, 10pm at Club Cafe. We’re working on an exciting lineup to be announced soon, but in the mean time, here are some beautiful shots taken by our friends over at Dark Designs Photography.

For starters,  Midnight Mame  opened the show with a bawdy and invigorating Beetlejuice routine:

SweetTeaseMame1 SweetTeaseMame2 SweetTeaseMame3

Then  Gigi Coudray  brought her trademarked sexy athleticism and showed us the raunchy side of psychosis:

SweetTeaseGigi1 SweetTeaseGigi2

Third up was  Luna La Crème , bringing her cosmic sweetness to the stage and twirling those tassels like nobody’s business:

SweetTeaseLuna1 SweetTeaseLuna2

Violet Corbeau , wielding a leather riding crop, got the crowd all riled up like only a sadistic schoolteacher can:

SweetTeaseViolet1 SweetTeaseViolet2 SweetTeaseViolet3

Next up was  DemDare Eyes , giving us an after-hours peek into the life of a Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Pryce secretary:

SweetTeaseDemDare1 SweetTeaseDemDare2

Rounding out Act One was our very special guest,  Viva Valezz , giving us a history lesson with her own version of ‘Fever’:

SweetTeaseViva4 SweetTeaseViva1 SweetTeaseViva2

After a short intermission for mixing and mingling, our very own rhinestoned glamour girl,  Lucy La Bam , helped get us back in the groove:

SweetTeaseLucy1 SweetTeaseLucy2

The next act was  Sueño del Mar , on stage to pump it and shake it to the crowd’s content:

SweetTeaseSueno1 SweetTeaseSueno2 SweetTeaseSueno3

Another special guest,  Penny De La Poison , took us back in time with her crowd-pleasin’ flapper dance:

SweetTeasePenny1 SweetTeasePenny3 SweetTeasePenny2

Lita D’Vargas  was our third special guest for the evening, serving up some effortless cool with her sassy feathered fan dance:

SweetTeaseLita1 SweetTeaseLita3 SweetTeaseLita2

Closing out the end of the night, the ever-fierce  Viva Valezz  came back on stage to share the most amazing portrayal of a day in the life of Wonder Woman (you should’ve seen her cape, like whoah!):

SweetTeaseViva7 SweetTeaseViva5 SweetTeaseViva6

And of course, a thousand jazz hands are due to our Mistress of Ceremonies, our emcee  Lilith Deville , who never missed a beat and kept everyone laughing with her sharp wit and wry humor… and of course, that FABulous outfit:

SweetTeaseLilith1 SweetTeaseLilith2

We had a blast putting on a great show for you folks, and we hope you had a blast attending it. We want to hear your thoughts, so please leave a comment for us below, stay tuned for more details about the August 28th show, and get to know us better by following SmokinBetties on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.